Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pickleball Tournament at Sun City

Rich and Donna invited us to another Pickleball Tournament in Sun City.  So we got up very early this morning and headed over there.  I saw some familiar faces from last year and many new ones.  From our Thousand Trails group there was Rich, Donna, Stan, Sally, Buddy, Tracy and Nathan, Austin and I.

The courts here are very nicely done so they are easy to play on.  We did have some wind and sun, but not so much so that we couldn't play.  I saw a lot of really good games played today.

And now, a moment to pause and brag on the boy.  Whenever we are in these type of settings, I am always so impressed with how he handles himself.  He was the only person under 40 playing and yet he acted as respectably and maturely as most of the adults there.  He's pretty cute too!
Ok, back to the tournament!  There were games for men and women's doubles in the morning.  Mixed doubles in the afternoon.  A bunch of people left after the morning games.  Some without letting anyone know.  So that switched things up in the afternoon.  They did a great job of still making it a lot of fun and working out so those of us who stayed had fun.

I'm so glad we did go, and we are already making plans for the next one in February!

living the life in sunny Florida!