Thursday, February 24, 2011

These Are Our People

In editing more pictures of Willie Nelson tonight, I realized something.  When you attend an event like this, you are truly sharing the experience with a bunch of strangers for the most part.  Yet, by the end of your time together you have a special bond just from sharing that experience together.  It's a neat way to share something with other people who are like you in some way.  After all, you wouldn't be there if you didn't share a common interest.

We are music people.  I came from a music loving family and married a music loving guy.  Each and every one of our children loves music.  It's just one of our things.  I couldn't imagine not loving music.  I couldn't imagine a world without music.  It's almost as essential to me as air to have music in my world.  Ok, that might be an exaggeration but I do know I get cranky when I don't get enough music in my daily life.

(Hey Hey Good Looking...Whatcha Got Cooking.....)
Not all of our friends love music.  Some of them don't even begin to understand our love for music.  It's not something we share with just anyone and everyone.  And we're ok with that.  But there is something nice about arriving at a concert and knowing: these are our people.  We just feel at home with these people.

(Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys)
We are people who are moved by music.  We know some music just demands that you react to it in physical ways.  Music is a part of our love language for example.

(You Were Always On My Mind)
Music moves us to dance.  Like a crazy fool even.  Because you just have to.   It's just not optional!

(If You've Got the Money Honey...I've Got the Time...)
Music brings us joy like nothing else on this earth can.  And this applies to the young and the old.

(I'll Fly Away)

It moves us to do other things too!

(Why Don't We Get Drunk and....Wait...Wrong Concert!)
 I'm assuming most of the people at the concert are pretty similar to us in this way, or they wouldn't be here.  So that would explain why we are all consumed with what is going on while we are here.

Or most of us are consumed with what is going on while we are here.
Some of us think it's so great, it needs to be recorded and shared with others that were not so fortunate!
You gotta love technology!

So grateful to be able to soak up the music goodness with other music loving nuts.  For the rest of you, we'll just have to wait until you join the club!  We'll make room for you when you do get here!

(Cute, cute, and more cute!)
Living the life in Florida!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Other Animals at Sea World

Most people know there are whales and dolphin at Sea World.  Some know there are manatees and sting rays.  There are a few other animals here too.  Just a few pictures of the "other animals" we like there.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wille Nelson Concert

Today Nathan and I decided to head over to Sea World to use our passes.  They are going to expire in April, so we are hoping to use them a lot before then.  When we arrived, we noticed it was packed.  So packed that we could not even park in the Priority Parking lot.  I like parking in the Priority Parking lot.  But more than that, I like going to Sea World when it isn't packed.

I couldn't figure out why so many people were there until we got inside.  Well, I could have figured it out, had I listened to Nathan but instead I didn't figure it out until I got inside.  I saw on a poster that they had special entertainment and food.  When I saw who was there, I got OMG giddy about it.  Giddy enough that I didn't even mind that so many people were there.

We headed over the stadium where the concert was at...about two hours early, and sat with all the other people already there waiting.  Then I sent a text message to my sister.  I said: Guess who I am about to see in concert?  Hint: oh that lucky old sun ain't got nothing to do....but roll around heaven all day....
Once we established who in fact I was talking about, we discussed why I sent her a text message about it.  We love music, but I had to let her know that I was going to see Willie Nelson live because of a childhood bonding experience over Willie.

When we were teens, my Mom left her regular music menu of all gospel, all the time, and went down the wild and wicked path of the likes of artists like Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.  I'm still not sure what this was about, since this is the same woman that told me Nathan was not someone I should be dating because he took me a Billy Joel concert.  Whatever the reason though, she would sit in her rocking chair at night while we were trying to go to sleep and listen to the records.

Picture three teenage girls lying in bed at night listening to Willie Nelson records.  Against their will.  What could we do...well, what we did do is take the attitude "if you can't beat them, join them".  So we started to join in and sing at the top of our lungs with our best Southern drawls (those years in Texas paid off!) and sang right along with Willie.  Which cracked my Mom up.  Or maybe it was we girls who were cracking up.  Either way, laughter replaced groans.

All of that came in quite handy today, because now I'm old enough to appreciate that Willie Nelson is a legend.  And it's an honor to see him in concert.  Especially when you still know all the songs!
Let me tell you, Nathan and I have been to a lot of concerts together.  And this was one of the best ones we have been to.  There are people who can sing.
 There are people who can entertain.
 A select few can do both.  Willie is one of those people.
His voice is incredible for his age (77 years old) and he has so much expression in his face when singing.
Did I mention, he plays a mean guitar?
He plays a seriously mean guitar.
In honor of my sisters, I sang with all my heart.  Oh, and Mom...he even played a couple of gospel songs for you!  They were even old time country gospel songs.  It was awesome!
I am so grateful we got to see this legend while he is still with us.  I loved seeing someone do what they love and do it well.  My favorite shot and my Project 365 pick for today...thanks for rocking with us, Willie...then and now!
Living the life in music filled Florida!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning Visitors

As I walk to work each morning, I'm amazed at the things I see in such a short distance.  Different people, different animals, different rigs and different light each day.  One of my favorite things to see is beginning to be a somewhat regular event around here.  And it is something to have them visit right next to our RV.
They are so close, we give each other a Good Morning wave sometimes.
What a way to start the day!  Even better than coffee!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  So beautiful in fact, I've been known to trip on the speed bumps because I'm watching them instead of the road.  

I've got to go to work now, but I'll see you again soon!
Living the life in beautiful Florida!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project 365~Feb 16


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

This year, Nathan and I decided we were not going to do Valentines Day cards or gifts.  Austin couldn't stand to see the day not being celebrated properly, so he not only got me gifts from he and Aric, he also bought for Dad.  He did a great job! 

I got two beautiful cards, one with a doggie that resembles my girl.  I also got chocolate covered cherries that my girl snuck into, ate all of them and then puked all over my comforter and sheets and floor.  Yes, I know dogs aren't allowed to eat chocolate...she did this while we were all at work and she somehow broke into our room.  Now I know to put the chocolate up high so there is no way she can reach it.  I also received Good N Plenty candy, and Ghiradelli candy.  I ate those before she could get to them!

Thank you guys for such a sweet surprise.  You made my day!  I love all of my best gifts of love-my husband, five children and three grandchildren!

Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clermont From My Window

Since I haven't done this in a bit, I snapped some shots while we were out this weekend.  The weather has been much warmer and we are enjoying it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365~Feb 4

Lilypads: Otherwise known as Ducks~Since our supply shed is back near the lake here, I drive by it a million times each day.  Since I drive by it a million times a day, I see it.....but don't really look/see it.  The other day one of the girls I work with says something about all of the ducks on the lake.  I glance over there.  Hmmm....weird.  She says there are usually ducks, but not that many at one time.  Really weird, I think.  Upon closer inspection I see that the "ducks" are these lovely lilypads.  I think it's time for a new eye exam.  That or I've sat in one place far too long.  Either way, I'm glad I took a closer look because they are stunning when you get up close.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365~Feb 3

Dog's Best Friend (notice the shorts!)~If you aren't a full timer, you probably don't know this fun fact: When you buy your RV, they give you a dog as a housewarming gift.  Not really, but if you looked around campgrounds you might wonder if that were true.  It seems that people that live in RV's also seem to need dogs along for the ride.  I don't think I've ever met a group that seems to love dogs more than this group does.  They've inspired me to do the same.  I now find myself stopping to ooh and ahh over the dogs, like I used to do with babies.  Or maybe this is just a getting old thing and I hadn't realized it until now?  Either way, it's pretty sweet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365~Feb 2

Afternoon Delight~I've noticed people fishing and boating each day this week.  It must be due to the warmer weather.  Whatever the reason, it gives it a nice lazy summer feel to the campground.  Or should I say a nice Florida winter feel since we all know it is too hot in the summer to do such things!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365~Feb 1

The campground is getting scarier and scarier.  We have biker dudes and chicks everywhere now.  We might need to move to a better neighborhood if this keeps up.

Seriously though, one thing I love about living this way is you see people out and about exercising all day long.  They are either walking their dogs, riding bikes, walking with other people, swimming, playing horseshoes, golf, tennis, pickleball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, dancing or working out in the exercise room.  It is a wonderful thing to see and inspires me to keep moving this wonderful piece of machinery we are gifted with in order to travel through this world.