Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Columbia River

We are camping right on the Columbia River and it is just breathtaking to have this view.  It is fascinating to me how much this river changes, depending on the time of day.  Afternoon:
and early evening:

Austin told me last night that someone told him he was blessed to get to see all that he does.  He asked me if I thought we were blessed.  Yes, son, I sure do.

Living the life in Washington!

My Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Stand

Today Austin and I stopped at a great produce stand near our campsite.  We picked up goodies to make fresh salsa and some other veggies.  We were going to get a pumpkin, but decided to hold off for a bit for that.  We did get some gourds for decoration.  We love places like this:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monroe WA to Quincy WA

Today we drove from Monroe to Quincy, WA.  We agreed that this was one of the most gorgeous drives yet:


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Home Away From Home

I have been a lazy blogger again, and I'm not quite sure why beyond we are wrapping up our summer vacation so I'm still feeling lazy and not wanting to do much beyond soak up the beauty here.  Life, of course has other plans sometimes and maybe I needed to be a little extra zen or I'd be stressing out about one aspect of our life.  We had a tire blow out on the way here.  Spent half of our first day here sitting at the tire shop.

Then the pressure gauge showed one of the truck tires was low.  We couldn't reach it, so we stopped at the tire place (again) to ask for help and we discovered that there was a nail in that tire.  So on Friday we spent too much time here:

Ok, so I've been here twice already this week.  No big deal.  Until the next day when we are packed up to leave and we realize one of the new RV tires is bulging.  This after we did all of the preparations to leave, which takes a good few hours.  So it was back to our new home away from home:
It's not too bad for a second home, I guess.  There is free popcorn and coffee and they have magazines.  The kind of magazines I used to read when getting my hair done.  The kind I never buy myself, but if they so happen to be sitting there and there is nothing better to do, I'll read them and laugh at them.

And then, because nothing entertains the boy and I for very long, we started to play with my new camera lens.  While we were discussing the Beatles, as in Austin sharing his disgust at those that think they love the Beatles because they love that song "Hey Jude" (insert eyeroll here), he spotted this sign.  He wanted me to share it so Barb could see, because Barb has true love for the Beatles.  Barb loved the Beatles long before they were trendy due to Rock Band (insert another eyeroll):
It was like karma or something.  Pretty cool logo, isn't it?  And then I snapped this one, because I love these things and we've only seen them here and in Oregon:

Then we admired some of the fall colors:

Austin found some...uh...I don't know what this is.  Gak with sparkles...and froth?
Then I spent lots of time tormenting the boy by snapping pictures while he tried to dodge them.  I guess some things do entertain me for some time:

Living the life in beautiful Washington!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life With the Photo Crazed

This past week was a good example of what life with a photo obsessed person can be like.  I tend to do this thing...well, I'm not sure how to describe it.  We are riding around and all of the sudden I want to stop.  Like right there, right now kind of a stop.  It's more like a STOP, to be honest.  Because I see something I want to capture and who knows when we might get this way again so I need to do it now.  So if that means stopping in the middle of the road, so I can stand on the side of the road, as long as it is safe to do so-then we do it.  And I'm often so glad for this because I catch things like this:

Which in real life is just breathtaking because it looks like the mountains are literally right behind this great barn:

Then sometimes, I just have Nathan stop the truck so I can quickly open the door and snap a few shots while standing on the running board of the truck:

Sometimes I ask him to just stop and I stay sitting in the truck and snap away:

And then he gets tired of this game, and I have to just roll the window down to snap pictures.  While we are still moving.  He doesn't even slow down for me.  Can't say I blame him because we'd never get anywhere if he always gave in to my requests.  I still get some decent shots this way, and if nothing else, it's a memory captured:

Living the life in Washington!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Today we visited a place that Austin says will be one of his favorite places of all.  We were able to visit the resting place of the guitar great, Jimi Hendrix.  It was very touching to pay our respects to this man that Austin knows so much about.   So sad to listen to Austin recall his early death, and the events surrounding it.  The memorial is beautifully done and has some very personal touches.  I highly recommend it to anyone in this area.  It was a great day for all of us.

Beautiful Washington


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Princess Has Arrived

Once upon a time Miss Mimi was the princess of our household.  She has moved up to the queen bee position, leaving the princess position open and I'm so glad because that has allowed room for our newest member of the house.  Yes, we have another cat.  A baby kitten to be exact.  And for those counting, this makes cat number four that we've taken into our home since going on the road.  I am really becoming a cat lover from this experience.

This one is hard not to love, or rather she is so easy to love.  I have said, "She is SO CUTE" at least fifty or so times since we adopted her.

So smitten with this precious one, Miss Allana.

 She is a Point Tortie Siamese and has the most beautiful blue eyes.

How cute is the little stripe down her nose?

Off to play with the sweet baby who is sleeping on Nathan's belly right now.

Living the life in Washington!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Laser Floyd: The Wall

Tonight the guys headed into Seattle to see Laser Floyd: The Wall at the Seattle Laser Dome.  They loved seeing the Space Needle:

The guys said the show was awesome.  Austin was mad because they played Nathan's favorite song, Run Like Hell and not his which is Vera.  This was Austin's first laser show and I'm guessing it won't be his last.  I love that they share the same music tastes, because that means they can bond over their music. 

It was a great night and a great way to remember our time in Seattle.  Living the life in Washington!