Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Night Out at Capone's Dinner Theater

For various reasons, we have not been out to do many date nights this winter.  Nathan asked me if I wanted to go out with a group of pickleball friends and I jumped at the chance.  We went to a dinner theater in Orlando named Capones.  The show was really well done and was really cute.
Of course it didn't hurt any that they picked on our fearless leader, Matt, during the show.  Which made it even ten times funnier for us.
I'm so glad that Matt organized the night, and I'm so glad we went with the rest of the group.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Like Turtles

We have had so many turtles at the campground this year.  I'm not sure what that is about, but it's been fun watching them move around and share living space with us.
 Tonight, as I was cropping pictures, I came across some shots that Nathan took of some turtles.  Which made me think of Austin.  For two reasons.  The first being that he is in Virginia with Daryl and Diana for a visit.  He is my baby and the only child I have left living in our household, so I wasn't fond of him going away.  Lauren just had surgery though, so I thought it would be a kind thing if he went to keep his cousin who is in a cast company.

Before he left, I told him not to ask me if he could stay there for anything longer than a two or three week long visit.  Because it rips my heart out to even think of giving up any of the little bit of time I have left with him up.  I said it clear terms that if he called and asked me, I'd be tempted to bring home sooner rather than later.  And then I said, I mean it.  So he'd know of course that I really did mean it.  I wasn't just tossing out empty, meaningless threats.

So today, he called Nathan to tell him he wanted to stay longer and why.  Ok, so he didn't call me which is what I had so clearly laid out.  What he did do was to try and go around Mom though.  Because he knows Dad isn't quite as sad about the last one leaving home as Mom.  Dad would probably be ok with him staying longer.

So Dad tells me, just to let you know...this is what Austin called about.  At which point I got angry and sad all at the same time.  Since I cry when I'm angry and I cry when I'm sad, I just took care of both at once and cried twice as hard.

The main reason the turtle picture is making me think of Austin though is because a few years ago he fell in love with a video where a young kid is being interviewed by a reporter and he randomly says, I like turtles.  Austin played this video over and over and over and over and over again.  I think he even made it his voice mail message on his phone.  It didn't hurt any that he likes turtles himself.

Somehow the two things are related, but I'm not sure why because I'm crying again over missing my youngest boy.  Oh yeah, they are related because I can't look at turtles now without Austin's voice running through my head and I can't see turtles without thinking of Austin.  So this picture made me think of Austin.  And now I'm missing him.

So in honor of the turtle loving guy I thought I'd send him this message:

Dear Austin,

Mom just wants you to know I miss you so much already.  And don't call Dad again about trying to stay longer or Mom will have to come up and bring you home the next day.

Much Love,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Visiting Us in Florida

All of this talk about missing Austin while he visits family has reminded me that we've had family visiting us in the past few months.  We are so used to not having any family living near us that it's a special treat when we do have that.  In February (27th) my cousin Mike and his wife Brenda came to visit us.  They brought their sweet dog, Boo, who has since passed away.  I hadn't visited with my cousin in probably over 20 years so it was an extra special treat to have time with he and Brenda.  They are some of the kindest, most positive people you will ever meet.  They even gave me a gift of a CD with a gospel group singing a song that Brenda wrote on it.  Sometime we want to get over there way to hear her sing and play with her band.  Good times!

Then we had another visit today from my Mom and nieces and nephew.  Ambir and Auburn drove up one day and we got to see them on top of the other family visitors.  It was wonderful to have time together.  We even got to play charades together.

Living the life in already HOT Florida!