Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach Houses

When I was a girl, the one and only vacation I remember our family going on was to Galveston Island.  One of the things we kids loved there were the houses on stilts.  I still love them.  It is one of the things that makes island living seem so quaint to me.
Beach houses tend to have three things in common as far as I can tell.  They are on "stilts".  They have great porches.  They are built to have views of the ocean. I think they are beautiful.
  I have had some kind of creedy crud, or my allergies are really in high gear and it's been that way for over a week now.  I feel pretty miserable.  It was kind of nice today though because it gave me an excuse to sit and catch up on editing pictures and blogging some!


DDonald said...

Congratulations on the birth of your grand daughter. She is absolutely beautiful. As for these beach homes - did you really take all of these there in NC? As always your pictures are fabulous. We miss you guys - I still think you should have made a visit here!!!! If you head back this way a little early - you know you're welcome. If not we'll see you in PR, hopefully.

Show Us The World said...

Thank you, Donna. Yes, I did take all of those in NC. Most of them are very close to where we are staying. We might make it there on our way back down! I hope so because I think we'll love it there.