Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Trip with Friends

This weekend we took a trip to the Orlando area so we could visit Capone's.  We visited this place once before with a group of pickleball friends.  The time Nick and Tonyia organized the trip, and they did a great job.  We got a package deal with dinner, the show, a hotel and a shuttle bus there and back.

We were able to ride up with one of our favorite couples, Art and Hedy.  We got up there in plenty of time to sit and visit some beforehand.  Here we all are waiting for the shuttle bus.
At Capone's, we ordered drinks and visited for a bit and then headed down to eat.  They offer a buffet of Italian foods and the food is very good.
Here's Art and Hedy with "Fingers"!
The best part of this place is definitely the show.  The show is a lot of dancing and singing and some improv and audience participation.  For example, Nick was able to participate by lending a seat to one of the actresses.
My favorite part was when Todd was persuaded to participate.  He was a bit reluctant to begin with.  I think he was taught that women are like animals, if you don't make eye contact then they'll leave you alone.
He was such a trooper though.  He not only went on stage, he danced the Charleston for us!
We had so much fun laughing and talking with our friends and enjoying the show together!
I am hoping we have more trips like this during the winter months here together!


Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

It sounds like you had a great time! What a fun night with friends! I have to admit that I'm not sure my husband would be up for it. The first time the actors or actresses popped over to our table and threw a boa around home, he would DIE. Absolutely die! lol

Show Us The World said...

Tonya, I get the impression they ask (or others volunteer) who their victims are ahead of time. So unless you sit right up front and draw attention to yourselves, I think he's safe!