Friday, November 8, 2013

On the Road Again!

We have been sitting in Wauchula for what seems like a very long time now.  Nathan will tell you it's been way too long now.  We are tentatively planning to travel again this spring so we decided that a few trial runs this winter might be a good idea.  So we decided to make a trip up to TT Orlando because our former travel buddies are going to be in town.  We were afraid we might forget how to do this traveling with an RV thing, but I'm happy to say we did just fine.  We might need to unload a bunch of outdoor things if we do head out this spring though.

The funniest part was Ava's reaction.  We pulled in the slides and then she and I had to go back inside while Nathan ran out for something.  She went inside and went to get up on the couch and body slammed into it instead.  Here was her reaction after she finally found her way up:
She is so easy going, that ten seconds later she was like this:
We got to the park after dark, and got settled into our spot pretty easily.  We saw Jack walking the dogs, including their new puppies, while still parking and they are right across from us.  Diane came by a few minutes later.  Aric let me know that Rene and Mira and Bob and Vicki are right here by us also.  So we are moved, settled in and by pickleball friends.  Life is good!