Thursday, January 23, 2014

Visit to Lake Placid

Last night we drove over to Lake Placid to meet Rich and Donna for dinner.  I have missed Donna so much since they moved into their house.  I got used to seeing her so much this summer and enjoying her company, that it seems hard to believe it has been months since we have really spent time together.

After arriving at their house and seeing a few of the new changes/additions to it, we drove over to a Mexican restaurant near their house.  Here are Donna's pictures of the place:
We loved catching up with them!  Donna and I mostly talked about house stuff, which is still very strange to me.  I guess very soon it will seem very normal again, but we are still transitioning.  I am glad she is at the point she can answer a bunch of questions for me and did.  Thank you, Donna!

The food was fabulous!  I wish we had a place this good near where we were moving to!
The time we had together was wonderful and it flew by.  We are making plans to hopefully get together when Lake Placid has their next Farmer's Market.  Hopefully it warms up by then!