Friday, July 30, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

My friend Patti asked me this past week if I ever fall in love with some of the cute small towns and want to stay there.  We get asked things along those lines quite a bit.  The short answer is yes I do fall in love and no I don't want to stay there.  Because I want to move on and see the other cute small towns too.
There's more to it than just that though.  I had been chewing on this very topic for a blog post when she wrote to me.  Because I'd been pondering how surprised I am that I still get emotional when we leave a place.  I get attached and do fall in love and am always sad to be saying goodbye.  Part of it is just my personality, meaning I hate saying goodbye.
The other part is that there is just something so uniquely endearing about each and every place we visit.  Each place has a way of worming itself into our hearts.  We find some good there.  We find something we admire there.  We find something that is beautiful there.  We find people that inspire us there.
 That might sound really cheesy to those that haven't experienced this way of living and seeing the world.  It might sound like someone who says they still love every girl/boyfriend they ever had.  Really though, it is quite a bit like all of the relationships one has.  There is always some downside or something that is snark worthy, and trust me we do our share of those observations when visiting.  We are human after all.  Like past loves though, there is always something that touched your heart and becomes a part of you when you live in a place.  Even if you do only live there for a week or two.

So yup, I sure do fall in love and as impossible as it might sound-not sometimes.  Every time.  It's a pretty amazing thing to me even two years later.  I hope I never become jaded in this area, because it's a pretty cool part of this journey.

Living the life in our beautiful country!


The Valentine's said...

Great photos - wouldn't it be cool if someone spotted their place on your blog?!
I'm getting ready to revamp my house when we get back to PA, it will be cleared of stuff; haven't missed much this year, clearly we don't need it!

Show Us The World said...

Ali, I bet it is a good way to judge what you needed. If you didn't miss it, you are right-you probably don't need it!

Stephanie said...

Very cool! I think it's awesome that you are following your hearts and living this way.

Becky said...

Beautiful sentiments, Krystal. Learning to see the wonderful and allow it to outweigh the snark-worthy is one of life's best lessons!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

If I were an evil woman, I'd steal this post word-for-word! Except 10 years and I still feel like that!

Very nice Krystal.

Show Us The World said...

You have no idea how much joy that brings my heart to imagine that even 10 years in, I will still feel that way! =)

jaci said...

What cool homes! Not just on today's post, but yesterday's as well. Love all the porches.

I love small towns.

debs said...

Great post Krystal! I feel this way too. My friends always tell me that we find the coolest things to do in each town we visit/live in. I think learning to live like a traveler helps put your focus on the nice things places have to offer.

Show Us The World said...

I think living like a traveler does help you to see all the quaint things in each place!

laurie l. goodman said...

excellent post krystal!
so reflective and honest.
your words are always from the heart and that makes your posts so special.
i too hate goodbyes. i can see how you could fall in love with each place and yet not want to stay. maybe it's like a love affair. :)
maybe you should close with - romancing the country!
i only found one place on the road that i would want to stay longer at...i hope to go back someday, for however long-it doesn't really matter-just want to go back and be swept away all over again.
enjoy the ride baby!

joven said...

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