Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wild Woody Fun

Earlier today, Daryl and his crew, or as my MIL says "Daryl's" and Austin went to visit the Cherokee Nation.  I'm hoping Austin will blog about it since I wasn't there so I can't.  When they returned back to our campground, they invited us to do some Go Kart racing.

Nathan was hesitant, and I suspect that is because I have won every race we've had in Go Karts since we got married.  He says it is because I am lighter.  I had no idea that being lighter makes you a better driver, but he is the engineer so there ya go!  Daryl and Diana are hard to turn down though.  And they know just what to say/do to make it work.  So off we go!  (thank guys!)

On the way into the racetrack, the crew stops for a moment of silence.  Or awe.  Or wonder.  Or something.
Because there is some crazy person detecting device here.  Nathan always says you can't fight with crazy, because crazy always wins.  I see now why.  I mean who could beat someone who is willing to do this.  Willing and actually PAY to do it.  I forfeit right now.  You win!
Now we're off to the track.  Let's get ready to rumble!
We do the first race.  I ride with Josh to help offset that lightness factor that Nathan worries about.  That and Josh asked me to ride with him, and I can't tell Josh no.  Daryl and Lauren ride together.  Everyone else rides alone.  I don't know much about the singles, because they left way before us so it was just us doubles fighting for the lead.  We won't discuss this race.  Let's just say I came in dead last.  Hmmm....maybe there is something to that lightness factor.  We still had fun.

We take Josh over to the little guys track, so he can drive his own car.  He loved how I drove, but he wanted to do his own thing!

Josh was made to race cars.  He's a thinker.  He's independent.  He is a risk taker.  And he knows the important rules like let the cute girl pass you because you can lap her later, but never ever let the other boy pass you.  If he does, pass him right away.
If the other boy gets upset...well, that's just part of the game.
In this game, you just gotta do your own thing.  Josh takes first place.  Further supporting Nathan's theory.  The other boy cried a bit.  Which broke my heart.  But not so much that I didn't high five Josh for beating him.

The kids all want to do one more race on the big track.  The adults want to take pictures.  It's a fair deal.  Josh and Aric just do their thing.  Austin beats up on girls.  Lauren is all by herself.  I understand that, because she drives like a mad woman.  She tried to make me spin out in the race I drove/lost.  Not once.  But twice she did this.  She's fierce! 
At some point Aric tries to lap Austin.  Austin doesn't let him.  They are content to do this for a few laps.  Aric bumping into Austin.  Austin letting me know that they've got nothing on him.  Then they catch up to Lauren.  It's the end of the race.  She's in front.  She doesn't understand the concept of "they already lapped me a few times".  She just knows..she is in front.  She won!
My guys are so gracious, they let her believe she won.  Now that's real love.  Of course, once you are's a whole different tune.  You only win if you win.  And it's still real love.  Just a different kind.

Living the life in Tennessee!


laurie l. goodman said...

loving this post krystal!!!!
what fun!
what humour!
what insight!