Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evening Walk on the Beach

Today they had a meet and greet for the employees where we had food and conversation with each other.  It was nice to see everyone together and be able to get a picture of what the staff is here.  We had a great time.  Afterward, we walked the beach and then hung out in our beach chairs.

The evening light was just gorgeous.  It started out with that crisp, clean light that brings such definition to everything.
Then it faded to that lovely soft and warm light that gives everything a nice glow.  Just beautiful!
It happens so gradually, you almost miss it if you aren't paying attention.  It's like nature's way of letting us slowly unwind at the day's end.  Nothing abrupt or jarring about this process.  Just nice and easy.
It's almost as if it is saying, almost done here for the day folks.  We'll be here all night.  But you might wanna go ahead and head on home now. 
G'night.  Take care.  We'll see you tomorrow.

Living the life in lovely NC!



Absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing your pics. :)

Pura Vida!

laurie l. goodman said...

fantastic beach images! all of them! love the lighting you caught with this series. truly magical and makes me want to get on the road!