Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Riverview Site

 One of the advantages of having an annual site is that you can pick any spot in the park to plunk down on.  One of the advantages to doing lottery and driving the park is when a great spot opens up, you see it right away.  Which was the case a few weeks ago.  As I drove through the park, looking for empty sites, I saw something that shocked me.  One of my favorite spots that had been occupied by an annual site member, was now opened up.  I drove back to the office and asked for permission to move to it.  Then I went home and asked Nathan if he was ok with moving to it.  Normally I would do that in reverse, but I knew if I waited then the site would be gone!

 We are now on the end of a dead end road.  Our side only has two spots, counting us.  We are fortunate to have Rich and Donna behind us.  Two of the spots on the other side of the road are annual sites with friendly neighbors also.  And the site one away from Rich and Donna is the same way.  So we are surrounded by great people that will remain neighbors for longer than two weeks at a time.

 As great as they all are, the real draw is that this is now our "front yard".
More of the front yard view:
Most of the side yard is the part that joins with Rich and Donna's yard.  Some of it empties into a hiking trail.
We are loving it here so far.  It is so peaceful and we have a bit of space to spread out in, especially if we have company.  The beautiful weather has meant that Nathan can work outside in the tent, and enjoy working without people walking by all day long.  It helps him to not feel so cooped up inside and it gives me some space to get away from "work" when I am at home.  We are already toying with the idea of renewing the site for next year!
Living the life in gorgeous Florida!