Friday, January 20, 2012

A Wedding Celebration Happy Hour

 Buddy is one of our favorite pickleball people.  He is pure sunshine and has a permanent smile on his face.  He partnered with an equally sweet lady named Diane last year.  I didn't really get to know Diane until this year.  I could see why he fell for her after I did spend time with her.  They are both musical, so they share a common love in that area.  She doesn't play pickleball, but she will come down and visit with us when Buddy plays.

 They were married during the holidays and we decided to throw them a celebration party-Pickleball style, meaning with a Happy Hour.  Rich and Donna helped us pull off a great party for them.

 Here is the honored couple.  Don't they look miserable together?!?
 They are so cute together.  They walk through the park, hand in hand, with those big grins on their faces.  They remind me of what honeymooners look like every time I see them.

 Since we have that great shared space, we had tons of room for this party!
 Donna got a guest book for people to sign.  Vicki and Mira coordinated a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and meatballs and everyone else brought goodies.  We had three tables for food for this feast! We were discussing Happy Hour food when going through the line and saying how everything we have ever had at a Happy Hour is great.

 We had a great crowd, milling around the fire chatting with each other and giving the couple hugs and happy wishes for their shared life together.

 Here is the guest list, copied from Donna's blog:
The Guest List:
Nate and Krystal
Bob and Vicky
Vick and Judy
Rene and Mira
Tom and Karen
Art and Hedy
John and Carla
Earl and Cindy
Garth and Rosemary
Paul and Carla
Jim and Patti
Jim and Judy
Nick and Tonya
Rich and Donna

Here is a shot I captured before it was too dark to take pictures and before most of the crowd showed up:

 It was a great night.  Best wishes Buddy and Diane!  We will throw you that baby shower we talked about, if you do end up needing it!

Living the life in friend filled Florida!