Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Pier at Fort DeSoto

After seeing the inside of the fort, we decided to go up on top of it and walk around.  We wanted to get a better look at what else was at the park.  We saw a nice beach.  Excellent!
Then we look the other way and see a fishing pier and more beach.  Even better!
Let's zoom in here and get a closer look:
Yup, that's where we want to head next!  We take the short walk over there.  We watch the fisherpeople fishing.  We watch the birds and note how fearless of humans they are here.
And then the truly magical moment happened:
I saved the best for last-dolphins!  I will tell you more about them tomorrow!

Living the life in Florida!


jaci said...

I don't know, Krystal - those Great Blue Herons are pretty cool. I love those photos!