Monday, May 28, 2012

Early Morning Beach Walk

The second day of our Cocoa Beach fun started way earlier than I normally enjoy.  We were sleeping on a sleeper sofa and sleeper sofas are like bad oatmeal-lumpy and and unpleasant.  So when I woke up at 6 am, I decided getting up was better than sleeping some more.  In this particular case that worked out wonderfully because it got me out on the beach which is always a wonderful thing.  Since we were there so early, we practically had the beach to ourselves. 
 Just a few other people and the birds.
There was the ocean, of course, and we soaked that up as much as we could.
Mostly, we watched the birds though.  They seemed to enjoy the rising sun as much as we did.
 I was very excited when I spotted one that was eating, because that meant it might stand still long enough to get some decent shots of it.

I was so excited about witnessing this creature having its breakfast until I walked over and saw that the bird had plucked the eyeball out of a fish.  Nothing else.  Just the eyeball.  At which point I said, "ewwww...nature can be so gross sometimes" while pretending to dry heave.  Nathan laughed and said, "yep", and I know he was thinking that is what makes nature so cool to him sometimes.  I will spare you the picture of the eyeless fish because even though it was gross, I still thought it was interesting enough to capture with my camera.

I'll email Nathan the fish picture and since I would like to remember this beach morning walk in a "this is my happy place" kind of way, I'll end on this note:
 Ahhhh, much better!  Living the life in beautiful beach filled Florida!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sometimes its worth getting up early! Preferably if you're on the beach.