Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac

We are watching Isaac as I type this, and our hearts go out to those that are in his path right now.  We were fortunate that we felt minimal effects as he went by us and waved.  Mostly we were gifted with lots of rain, and after a summer of lots of rain that meant the already saturated ground was even more mushy.

It also meant the Peace River is up over the banks again.  And too close for comfort right now.  Here is a shot from our house.
We are still hanging onto the hope that we won't have to move!  Beyond that, the area is back to normal.  The cows are still clinging to the shade under the trees.
What? You don't see the shade from the tree?  That's Florida shade, y'all! The horses are still enjoying the benefit of all the grass that the rain has brought them. 
 And I still drive by my favorite treehouse, untouched by Mother Nature, and imagine it being my secret getaway.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Glad you're OK (and that our FL house is too). Needless to say, share your concerns and thoughts about those still in ISaac's path.

Show Us The World said...

We are very mindful of those still in Isaac's path...just because we had minimal damage doesn't mean others will. :(