Sunday, September 2, 2012

Visiting Rich and Donna at The Villages

We planned to take a trip to visit Rich and Donna the weekend that we were visited by the tropical storm, so we moved it to this past weekend.  It was well worth the wait!  We have only been to The Villages to visit when we were buying pickleball paddles and we did not even begin to truly see all this interesting place has to offer.
 I decided while there that if I did not love to travel, this place would be where I could easily settle in and never want to leave again.  The place is beautiful.  Everything is manicured, perfectly decorated and laid out in a well planned, easily navigated fashion.
 There is more to do here than I could ever fit in during my lifetime and most of it is things I love to do, like pickleball.  There are reasonably priced restaurants, stores, movie theaters and town squares with entertainment every single night of the year.  There are recreation centers full of every fun thing you can imagine to do!  We might just have to be part time residents at some point and travel part of the year!
During our visit, we were able to play pickleball both days.  Donna and I played at one place, the guys played at another.  We had not played in months so it was great to play again.  In the afternoon, the guys played again while we girls did other things.  The first afternoon we went to play Bunco, which I had not played before.  I loved it.  Donna introduced me to So You Think You Can Dance so the second afternoon we watched some of those shows, which I loved!  We also had happy hour and frozen yogurt.  We visited both town squares, had a boat ride and learned more about The Villages history and ate at great restaurants.  We were spoiled rotten and I loved every minute of it.
 We were able to cram in so much and yet the weekend flew by way too fast.  We ate dinner together before we had to head back home, and as was everything else during our trip: it was wonderful.  Great food and great entertainment.
Thank you again Rich and Donna for such a wonderful weekend!  We hope we can squeeze in that one more trip before you head back to Wauchula!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Where is this place? I think we need to visit next season.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I saw the link as I was logging off -- so now I know -- thanks for sharing.

DDonald said...

The weekend would not have been half as much fun if you guys were not here..... The Louisiana folks are not coming, but we'd love to have you back....Nick and Tonya are coming this weekend.