Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Night at Spanish Springs

We have enjoyed our first week here in The Villages.  Nathan has been able to play lots of pickleball and I've been having fun playing bunco and Mexican Train with Donna.  Last night, we finally got to meet up with both Rich and Donna at one of the Town Centers here.  There are three Town Squares here and each one has its own theme.
We had a great dinner at Ay! Jalisco.  Then we walked around Spanish Springs, where the night's live music and dancing was going on.
One of the unique things about The Villages is the golf carts here.  Golf carts are one of the main modes of transportation here, so it is common to see this outside of businesses.
It is so nicely decorated and laid out, that is is pleasant just to walk around and take it in.
After our time here, we headed over for dessert at Ollie's.  It was wonderful and I think we will have to visit both places again while we are here!
YUM is exactly right!  It was a great first week here!  Looking forward to many more.