Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

We have been in The Villages for two weeks now and it feels like we've been here much longer because of all we have squeezed in during that time.  We have so much here that it is easy to see how some people never leave The Villages!  We did decide to leave and venture out this weekend though.  We headed to Gainesville and visited Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

We were really impressed with this botanical garden and liked some of the unique features it offered, like its vinery.
 I loved the Herb Garden!
The Children's Garden was so whimsical and pretty.
A few signs of human life could be found.
I'm happy to say, much more signs of animal life were present than human.
Most of all, I noticed how very relaxing it was here, even with the sweltering heat!  We had a great (Father's) day here.