Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don Garlits Classic Car Museum

I am late in sharing these pictures from our Labor Day trip, but better late than never!  This is the second part to the Don Garlits museums.  There are two separate museums, the first being the drag racing and this is the second one: the Classic Car Museum.  Both were fabulous.  A fellow classic car lover told me that he'd been there five years ago and that the collection had really grown since then.
I was very impressed with what was there.  I could have spent much longer in this museum than we did!
I was amused at some point to overhear a couple discussing a particular car.  The guy was sharing what kind of a car it was.  The lady said she knew, her dad had one.  He asked her if she really knew about it?  She told him again that her dad had one.  He nodded and dropped it.  I'm guessing he might have thought that meant she did know about it in the way a guy would want to know about it.  I would suspect it is more likely that she was simply saying she knew as much as she ever wanted to and more just by having a dad that owned one.  Which means she probably hardly knew a thing about it in guy world.
We demonstrated this same man/woman dynamic with me trying to take hundreds of pictures of the pretty cars while Nathan gave me in depth lessons on engines and exhaust systems.  I can now tell you which kind of engine our truck has and how exactly it operates.  That will come in handy because the last time some guy asked me about it I told him the only thing I knew about the engine of our truck was that it was really big and loud.  He couldn't tell if I was an idiot or joking so he politely just walked away.  I hope I run into him again so I can let him know that a trip to the car museum fixed all of that!

Living the life in interesting Florida!