Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shipwrecks: The George A Kohler

There is such interesting marine history here, including the large number of shipwrecks that have happened in the waters here.  We hope to explore much of this history while we are here.  Ruth, a new friend that I work with, told me about one very close by.  So last night we hiked to the location at low tide so we could see it up close and personal.

I sent my model out to stand in front of it to show how close to the shore it is.  And right when I got to snap the picture this woman goes and stand directly in front of him/the ship blocking my shot.  So I wait.  And she just stands there.  I wait.  She stands and stares at me like maybe I'm a long lost friend or something.

I lift my camera and she turns around and then it hits her.  Oh...sorry.  No problem.  She scoots over about half an inch, still blocking my shot.  Alrighty then, we'll just move.  People crack me up sometimes.
This ship is the George A. Kohler, which was a schooner that was grounded in a 1933 hurricane. This ship sat on the beach for ten years before it was burned for her iron fittings during World War II. The remains of this shipwreck has report to be seen both in the surf and on the sand.

 And one shot of the gorgeous, bathed in setting sun beach.  Notice how empty it is right now!
Living the life in beach paradise!


jaci said...

Shoot, I wanted a photo of the woman who blocked your view. ;)

Looks a lot like the Peter Iredale that is stuck in the sand off the Oregon Coast... not much left.


HatterasLocal said...

I am sorry to tell you this. But this is not the Kohler. This is the Oriental. The Kohler is south of the Tri-villages. I live here on the island and I just photographed the Kohler a few weeks ago, and it was verified by the historical society down here.

Show Us The World said...

Thank you so much for the information!