Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cows Are Out

As a child I lived in farm country long enough to hear the phrase "The cows are out" plenty of times.  We lived on a pig farm for a bit and we also learned to hear and say, "the pigs are out" with equal parts frustration and weariness.  So I don't find it odd that each time I drive down a certain road here, there is a cow on the side of the road.  This cow is always in the same spot, close by the fence and not looking like it is going to move for anything.

Today, once I got past that cow I encountered a different cow.  This one was not so much on the side of the road and near the fence.  This one was running away from home.
As I crept closer, he moved in to check me out.  I think he was contemplating whether or not he could hitch a ride with me.  Like maybe if we put the top down, he'd fit just fine.
I decided that it might be best to just put the car in park and sit there until he decided what he wanted to do.  I also decided that was just fine because there were horses in the field and I could take pictures of them.
I start to think this time spent sitting there in the road is just fine with me.  I was getting to talk to horses and that is always a good thing.  I was so distracted by the beauty of the horses that I lost track of what my buddy the cow is doing.  Until I see this in my camera lens:
Turns out he did not want a ride after all, he thought he was a super star and I was the paparazzi.  I completely confused him when I was taking pictures of the horses instead of him.  As soon as I took some more pictures of him, he started off down the road in search of other groupies or cameramen.

Living the life in Cowville Florida!


jaci said...

I *love* it. Not just because it's Daisy (and I think you're right- Daisy is a he - as near as I can see from the sideview there), but also because I am not the only person who calls cows "he". But for the record, I don't think "he" is a cow. He might be a steer, but he is not a cow.

(Ducking for cover now...) ;)