Friday, June 15, 2012

Flying Tigers Babeball Game

 We planned to do baseball games as part of our entertainment this summer.  Because I have been tied up with other things, that has not happened until this week.  I hope we find our way there more often than we've managed so far because it was a lot of fun.

The stadium we visited is the same one that the Detroit Tigers do their spring training at.  Which means the Michiganders visit this place.  Which means I get to talk to people who have the same "accent" as I do.  And I meet people like the guy who was on the school board of the high school I attended.
I also like hanging out with people that like baseball.  Not that I'm a huge fan of baseball myself, but I like people that can still be entertained by things like baseball.  And I like to see the talented players.  Even if I kept asking Nathan if this particular group was 12-16 years old or was I just getting old(er).  Seriously they all looked like babies to me.  As in same age as "my" baby who is 17. 
It was a pretty uneventful game until the end, and then the Flying Tigers made us proud.
This was my favorite moment of the night, when a three year old ran the bases in a race against the mascots:
Living the life in not so sunny right now Florida!