Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flooded Fields Are Not Fun

Since I knew nothing about taking care of horses before spending time at SHHS, I could write daily blog posts just on that topic.  Some lessons are pretty minor in the daily scope of things and some are major.  Flooded Fields Are Not Fun would fell closer to the major end of the spectrum in my book.  It just makes everything you go to do, that much harder when you deal with lots of water and really deep mud.
I'm not a fan to say the least.  Yes, the grass is nice and green.  Yes, we always need rain in Florida so I am grateful for it.  But I'm tired of trying to take steps forward only to discover I left my boot behind in the mud.  I'd like a happy medium please!  The wind is not so pleasant either.  It does make for nice, dramatic manes and tails for pictures though so there is that.  Along those lines, I have found that I love my smart phone when I'm out working here.  I can capture so much more than if I had to wait until I had the real camera out!
I was able to grab this shot simply because I had my phone in my pocket.
Then I was able to share it with the world instantly via Instagram and Facebook.  Gotta love the digital age for those kinds of things! 

See how quickly I can get distracted and go from whining to joy?  Dallas understands that trait since he tends to shift fairly quickly along with me!

Living the life in rainy FL!


jaci said...

I can't believe how far behind on your blog I am! Flooded fields are not fun for horses, either. They create real health issues, especially for those precious hooves.

LOVE the photos!!