Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dean!

Rich and Donna arrived here this week, and we are thrilled about that since we haven't seen them since Peace River.  Donna is the one who kept encouraging me to get out there and play pickleball and I'd have most likely quit if it weren't for her and Karen.

She said something yesterday about it probably being too late to do a Happy Hour this week, but maybe next week.  I told the guys that while we were on our way to grab some groceries for the week.  The Happy Hour King (Austin) thought it was no problem to do one this week.

Since I'm crazy, I agreed.  So Austin invited everyone to come to one THAT DAY...and everyone of course pulled it together with no problem.  Even a bit of rain didn't slow us down.  We just moved to the Rec Hall and did it there.  The ladies amazed me with all of their goodies that they brought even with the "no notice" ahead of time.  Especially Vicki and Margie.
 We've been to lots of Happy Hours, but this was one of the most special ones because it was also Dean's birthday party.  Dean is the Grandparent to the really cool kid, Gavin.  You know, the one who is a falconer.  If you know Dean, it isn't a surprise that Gavin is so cool.  It runs in the family.

 Dean is one of those sunny people that just brightens the world.  You can't help but be in a better mood after hanging out with Dean.  His smile alone will warm you right up.  (Why do I hear Bob cracking up as I write that?) He's also one of those people that you feel sees something good in you, so when you spend time with him you begin to believe it yourself.

His wife Margie is pure sweetness, so they make a great pair.
Hope your birthday wish comes true, Dean!
We had a great time, surrounded by some of our favorite people! 

Living the life in friend filled Florida!