Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 365~Jan 13

The Mayor!

When Austin was younger, our neighbors called him the mayor for two reasons.  The first was because he knew and loved everyone, and they all knew (and tolerated) him.  The second was because he knew *everything* that went on in our neighborhood.

Now that he's grown up, he's gotten a bit better at this.  He still likes to be in the know but not quite like when he was younger.  I guess that meant there was an open position since he's moved on to other things.  It didn't take Ava long to fill that post since she arrived.  This is her favorite place to sit if we aren't up in our bed with her.  She knows all that is happening in our neighborhood and keeps us informed of anything important.

Today I came home from lunch, walked her, rubbed her belly, fed her, rubbed her belly, grabbed something quick to eat, rubbed her belly and headed back out.  I hear her barking.  That's odd, I think, she doesn't really bark now that she's settled in to our home.  I go back in and realize I forgot something important.  The blind is down.  She can't see a thing!

I pull the blind up and she jumped up there right away.  She didn't even notice me snapping this shot because she was so engrossed in catching up on today's business!

The really funny part is she can see the pickleball court from her perch, so she'll watch us play if we leave her behind.  She's too cute.