Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365~Jan 7

Sandhill Cranes~They are a common sight at the park we are at.  Nathan tells me they are almost extinct though so we feel honored that they are here.  I went outside to spend some time with them tonight, just as the sun was going down.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

We just went on a field trip this week where Sandhill Cranes were plentiful. Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Alabama is a popular place to see them. The ranger on duty told me that they have nearly 8,000 on the refuge. We also saw two Whooping Cranes. Unfortunately my camera wouldn't zoom in enough to get a decent picture and there are only 576 known to exist. Love your pictures. You got a much better shot than I did! I want to join in on the 365 project too- is it too late to get started?

jaci said...

I'm not certain all sandhill cranes are near extinction - there are so many subspecies. Florida Sandhills are definitely on the Threatened list. The sandhill cranes we get here in Oregon are considered endangered in Washington State because (apparently) there used to be thousands more. They are such huge birds!
Last summer we stopped along the highway in the high desert (trying to get wild horse photos that didn't happen) and I could hear (but not see) the sandhill cranes down in the meadow below. Too bad you couldn't attach a sound clip to your blog - aren't they cool to listen to?
I really like them & have never had a chance to get as close as you did! Great photo!!