Monday, December 5, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts

We have already received two of our Christmas gifts early.  One was from my MIL, and we have really enjoyed this one.  It is a kitchen island that we bought while in Virginia.  We took out our dining room table and chairs and this sits in that space now.
We love this thing!  We still have some eating space there so we didn't really give that up.  We gained tons of storage space and counter top space with it. 

The other things is a microwave and convection oven combo.  I have wanted this since we bought the RV and am thrilled with it.  I have used it tons since we have put it in, mostly for baking bread, cookies and muffins.

I'm glad that I did get them both early, since they will help me with my Christmas baking!  I think we enjoy both things for a long time.