Friday, December 9, 2011

Who Needs A Horse?

We see a lot of ummmm..."unusual" things where we are right now.  The other day we went to Dollar General and there were not one but two horse trailers in the parking lot, complete with horses.  I can't imagine one scenario where I'd be driving a trailer full of horses and absolutely need to take a detour to Dollar General, but what do I know.  I've never driven a trailer full of horses after all. 

I see what I assume is a local person that drives their motorized wheelchair around.  Which isn't that odd by itself but the way this one is decorated in all different types of decorations does make it stand out.  One day it had pinwheels that had LCD light in the center.  And by pinwheels, I mean maybe 15 to 20.  It was like watching a one man parade and gave me a big smile when I passed by.

We see really big trucks with really big wheels on a regular basis.  And by really big truck, I mean bigger than our beast.  I wonder how on earth the people get inside of these trucks.  Do they have to climb up on the wheels first?  Is there some sort of pulley system that gets them inside?  I don't know the answers to these questions, but it is beginning to seem normal to me to encounter these things.  At this point, none of this really fazes me.  

But sometimes I see things that still have me doing a double take.  This cool car was the case today.  I took my cell phone and grabbed a few shots.  Then Austin proceeded to tell me that it was the Cowboy's car.  Ok...I'll bite.  What does that mean?  He tells me the guy who drives it looks and walks like a cowboy.  I guess you don't need a horse to be a cowboy if you have a car like this that does the job instead.
Ah, I love life's random things.  Makes it so much more interesting than the common normal things that we see so often that we don't even really see them.  Pausing to really look is a good thing.  In this case it was at least.

Living the life in still so warm Florida!