Monday, December 12, 2011

The Florida Air Museum

Today Nathan and I visited a museum that I'd been to before, Florida Air Museum in Lakeland.  It was Nathan's first visit and he really enjoyed it.
 The museum has a main building with exhibits and an annex building with bigger aircraft.  From their website: The Museum displays a wide variety of vintage aircraft, ultralights, experimental homebuilts, air racers, military, aerobatic and factory-built aircraft from all eras. The aircraft are supplemented by an interesting collection of engines from WWI to the present day.
My favorite display in the first building was a model of the Spruce Goose because we have visited the real one and it was incredible.
There was some kind of show that was wrapping up while we were there and we asked a gentleman a bit about it  He had driven all the way from Louisiana to see the show.  He restored and flew model planes himself.  He shared some interesting things with us.
 It was a great time, and since I had been here before, I spent a little less time reading signs and a little more looking up close and personal at the planes.

I think we will visit here again, and hopefully catch one of the shows.

Living the life in Florida!