Sunday, February 26, 2012

Date Night and Day

We have tried to keep up on our date night since arriving here.  What we have not enjoyed in many months is a day off together.  I work every weekend and Nathan works during the week.  Patti that I work with worked for Donna today.  So she told me to take the day off and she covered for me too.  We were so tickled pink to have a date night and a date day.

Last night we went to Abuelo's in Lakeland.  We then went to the movie, The Vow, which was very touching.
We spent time in a bookstore after that where Nathan and I ventured off to different sections.  When I went to find him, I found him in this section:
We arrived home very late to a frantic girl that is not used to being home alone that long.  She paid us back by waking us up bright and early this morning.

That's ok because we had more fun scheduled for today. We ate a great breakfast in bed, hung out trying to figure out how to get audio books from to our phones.  Then we headed out to Lake Wales.  We stopped at a BBQ place for lunch.
They were really busy and told us they only had a half booth available.  We said no problem and they said we would get dessert for free if we ate there.  I was very excited to hear that.  This is a half booth, and this is our free dessert.
Nathan ate his share of the huge 1/4 of a pie dessert and then ventured over into my territory and helped himself until I threatened to stab him with my fork.  Everything we ate here was excellent.

After that we were off to Bok Towers.  Diana and I took the kids to visit this neat place before, but Nathan had never visited before today.  He really enjoyed it.  All of the pictures here are from my phone, but I'll try to edit and add more pictures from the big camera this week.
When we arrived home, we saw Rich outside so we went over to see how their pickleball tournament went.  We ended up sitting and having a nice time chatting with he and Donna and trying something I really enjoyed.  I told Nathan to put it on the grocery list and I'll share more about that later.

It was a great day and it was so nice to have a whole day together!

Living the life in Florida!


Becky said...

Looks like a perfect couple of days! I love Bok Tower. So peaceful there.

DDonald said...

So great to see the two of you out and enjoying the day (date). Great to see you up and feeling better. And I know what you're adding to that grocery list.....