Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

Normally we are pretty lame when it comes to Valentine's Day.  Meaning we don't really do much of anything to celebrate.  This year I signed us up for the get together at the park, hoping maybe we could break out of our normal tradition.  There was a show with Bobby Mack, who used to be a Vegas performer, and is well known at the Florida parks.

Miss Judy, our rec director threw one fabulous event!
Everyone brought a dish, so there was lots of great food.
And there was a full house tonight.  In fact, so many people signed up, they had a second show after our show was over with.
We were fortunate enough to sit with some pickleball friends, which made the night just that much better.
 On the left side is Nathan, Donna, Nell and Gene.  The right side is Marie, Keith, Barry and myself.  We enjoyed ourselves very much and I am hoping this will become a new tradition for us on Valentine's Day!