Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Trip to Gulfport, FL

Today I took a day trip over to Gulfport.  I was supposed to go last week, but ended up being too sick to go so I was glad I felt well enough this week to make it.  I would have been very disappointed if I had not been able to because I was going to see some of my dearest friends, Marianne and Barb.

Barb and her husband John visited us this summer at OBX.  We visited Marianne at her house in PA a few years ago, but I have not seen her since.  They have decided to try the life of a snow bird and have been here in Florida, so I was thrilled to have both of them close enough to see and hug in person.

I have never been to Gulfport, so it was fun to visit a new place.  As I drove over the bridge that spanned the water, I was soaking up the goodness of all of the water!  Once I arrived at their condo, we went outside and soaked it up some more.
It was such a pretty view!
I even saw their water friends, a pair of dolphins...although this is the best picture I managed to capture of them.
We even got to grab dinner together at a place that I think was named O'Maddies, where I learned something new: orchids are edible.  I had no idea!
The visit felt too short due to it just being a day trip, but it was still so worth it to see my special friends!  I told them if they come back next winter to plan on another house guest for at least some of their time here so we can really have a gab-fest!


jaci said...

I have been missing you. I don't comment often but I always love to look at your pics and read about your travels. Love the dolphin (all you can see of it, anyway).

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You've been having fun...great! Your friends picked a fabulous spot for their first try at being snowbirds. Can't imagine they wouldn't want to come back -- beautiful there!!! Glad to see you back.

(If this goes through it will be my third try to figure out the verification....the new verification thing that Blogger uses is almost impossible to read (even with my new eyes).... I've given up on several people.)