Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Florida Critters and One of My Children Are Really Great!

One thing that is neat about traveling cross country is you get to experience the locals as in the people, and you get to experience the locals as in the animals that live there too.

I know I might be biased but I still think some of the Florida critters are the coolest of all.  Really, it's just not everywhere that you can go outside and see this:
When I first moved to Florida, I would be so disturbed by these interesting critters.  We had one that liked to hang out in a tree behind our house.  And then he'd fall to the ground randomly.  With a very loud THUD!  Too much drinking is the conclusion I came to.  In time I went from that is one freaky dude to that is one freaky but cool dude and made peace with the fact he might fall on me and give me a heart attack. I mean, we did invade their space after all.
 The main reason I wanted to talk about these divine creatures though is that yesterday I took a lazy day which is like a sick day but I do it on my day off instead of a work day.  A lazy day for me means one of two things.  I spend the whole day editing pictures or I spend the whole day doing digital scrapbooking.  Ok, make that three things because yesterday I did both.

I spent so long editing pictures, I had time to go back and look at old pictures to edit.  Really old.  As in, 2004 pictures.  These gems were in a folder labeled "Kids Pics" which means one of my children took these beauties.  Somehow in the course of attending to five children's needs daily, I neglected to realize at least one of them has some skills in this area.  So I am sharing these pictures, but have no idea which one of them I am bragging on.

To those of you that have less than five kids that are horrified by my admission, that's ok.  I am used to horrifying parents of one or two or even three children on a regular basis.  It's my paybacks for telling my Mother who had seven that I'd never have a lot of kids like she did!
Back to the pictures and figuring out who did in fact take these shots.  (Because this is what Moms of five do when four have left home and they have a few minutes to ponder such things!)  These were taken at Miami Seaquarium which means it would not have been Ashleigh or Ambir because they were teens then and far too cool to do family fun days.  Auburn might have taken them because she is our animal lover.  Aric and Austin might have taken them because they are guys and these are about as cool as things go when it comes to guys.  That is as good as my guessing gets.

So if any of you three remember taking these pictures, please let Mom know so I can properly give you credit!

In the meantime, I am going to be glad that these particular Florida critters have never made it inside where we live.  I do have some boundaries left still.


Anonymous said...

Cool pics! I live in Florida and have a large gecko living in my garage. I am fine as long as he respects my space and stays out there! I just stumbled upon your blog and will come back often, thanks.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

One of your children is very talented! (I am sure the rest are too in some other areas )~....

When I first retired I sorted out an entire trunk full of unlabeled pictures and sometimes I couldn't even decide which of my four the pictured baby was, ... so, yeah, you don't shock me at all ;>)