Friday, July 6, 2012

Embracing the Local Scene

My manager told a fellow manager last week that she and I were "embracing the local culture".  She's right.  We are both definitely working hard at embracing it vs rejecting it.  I had just purchased a pair of cowboy boots within hours of her sharing that.  And if that is not embracing the local scene, I don't know what is.

She is doing her own thing to find a way to do that and I'm doing my own thing to do the same.  There are times when it can seem a bit slow to me, and I find myself literally amusing myself by doing things like tracking the progress of how quickly an animal decays in the hot summer heat.  Then I take pictures of that progress to share with Nathan who does not get to outside and play during the day like I do.  Warning: Gross picture below.
Pretty cool, huh?  For the record, that was taken on Day Nine.  Tropical storm Debby dumped all kinds of water in the area making a mess of things for many people and animals.
The river flooded due to Debby's gift and so we dealt with more flooding in the park.  So much so, we "moved" from one site to another site to avoid being in the flood water.
Let's see, beyond all that fun I have had tree frogs jump on the top of my head twice in the past month.  Once it took a lot of arm flailing and a funny dance to get it to leave the top of my head.  That was pretty fun.  It has been so boring for the most part here though that it has allowed me to be ridiculously lazy.  I've enjoyed it.  We are leaving to go on a cruise tomorrow and while I'm excited, I fear that after my recent daily pace, I will be exhausted two days in.  I will have much more to share here when I get back though.  Something more blog worthy than tree frogs that is.

Living the life in lazy Florida.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Been wondering how Debby treated y'all. Looking forward to the cruise pix later