Friday, July 12, 2013

Archery Range Fun

Since Aric arrived here, he has wanted to try out the archery range.  We finally got down there to try it yesterday.  One of the best aspects of The Villages is that there is a group for almost anything and everything you could want to do, and that means you can try a bunch of new things.
I would not ever think to do archery on my own and even if I had an interest, like Aric, rarely would I be somewhere where it would be so easily available with volunteers willing to teach me.
Since we had all of that available to us, we soaked it up.  The volunteer instructor has been doing this for five years and she was a great teacher.
In the two hours we were there, different groups came and went, so I got to see many different people try archery.  Aric was the most accurate out of all of those people.  He seemed to have a natural talent for it.
I did not seem to have a natural talent for it and worse than that, managed to hurt myself by hitting my arm with the bow string.  Over and over again because I didn't realize how badly it hurt until after an hour or so of doing it.  I would love to try this sport again, without the pain, because I think I'd really enjoy it.
So glad we did get out and try this.  It showed me that even though new things can seem intimidating to begin with, they are great to push the limits of what I think I am capable of and get me out of my comfort zone.


Sage Harman said...

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