Saturday, July 27, 2013

Buddy and Diane Visit Us at The Villages

We had a visit from some of our favorite people in the world: Buddy and Diane.  They came during the week that Nathan and I went back down to Wauchula, but luckily they waited for us to get back for a night out with them and Rich and Donna.

We headed down to Wildwood to eat at a place that Rich and Donna had been to before, the Cotillion Southern Cafe.
We had dinner reservations at 4:30.  We arrived early enough to peek at the menu that had sitting out front.  It looked like a wonderful country cooking menu to me.  Once we were inside I could see how unique this place really was.  The decorations were so down home and relaxing, right down to our mis-matched dishes at our table.  Most importantly was the food there.  It was very good!  We ordered a variety of dishes and we all agreed that our food was wonderful.  I highly recommend this place to anyone in the area.

We enjoyed our night of fun, food and most important of all: Friends!