Saturday, July 20, 2013

What We've Been Up To

With hundreds of weekly activities available here at The Villages, the hardest part of being here is picking and choosing just what to do each week.  Last year while visiting, Donna introduced me to Bunco.  We have continued playing that together this year.  We have played at Mulberry, Seabreeze and Bacall and Donna has played at Churchill.
We are tackling line dancing, which comes very easily to Donna due to her professional dance background.  Even though I am limping along compared to her, I am really loving it.  Donna snapped this picture the other morning as we were heading out.  We started at 8 am that morning and danced until almost 11 am.
 I have finally moved from the bench to the court with pickleball and my muscles are feeling the effects of that.  It is so dreadful hot and the level of play is so much higher here, so between the two-it is exhausting to play each day.  It is great fun though and I hope that it will improve my game quite a bit.  I can see a huge difference in Nathan's game and his weight already so hoping the same happens with me.

We have enjoyed playing Mexican Train several times, which allows us some "down time" from time to time and is a nice filler in between other activities.  And all of that is just the daytime fun.  At night it is more Bunco, Pickleball and of course-going out to eat.  I am sharing two more of Donna's pictures from some of our eating out trips together.

We are really loving our time here so much!  It was a good decision to spend the summer here!