Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to Aric and I

I realized on my last post that it was post #999, which means my birthday post is #1,000.  That is a lot of blog posts for someone who did not want to do a blog to begin with!

Today was Aric and I's birthday, and since he took his week's vacation and spent it with us, that meant we celebrated the day together.  We went down to Sumter Landing during the day and ate lunch there and spent at least two hours at Barnes and Nobles looking at all the books we would love to read.  We then walked around and shopped together. As usual, we enjoyed the special golf carts we ran across there.
  We came back home to cool off some, and then headed back down to the latest square and had dinner at City Fire Restaurant and watched Man of Steel at the movie theater there.  It was a nice, quiet day for us but the fact we were together made it a great birthday for me.