Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nick and Tonyia Visit The Villages

Nick and Tonyia came to visit Rich and Donna this weekend.  We made plans to get together at our place Friday night, but ended up moving it to Saturday.  Ava had fun catching up with Rich and Donna and Nick and Tonyia.  Donna brought a mix, and Nathan got to work making us some yummy frozen drinks.
We visited on the lanai for a bit, until it started to rain.  Nathan also made us some very yummy fajitas.  Donna brought two different kinds of chips and salsa to add to the dinner.  We had plenty to eat and it was nice to have a table that we all fit around.
After dinner, we got out the Phase 10 game and played that until quite late.  Only half of us had played before so we played a practice hand to teach the others and then we were off and running.  We were neck and neck at the end with Nick being the final winner.
This morning we met at Golden Coral and then Nick and Tonyia had to head back out.  It was a great weekend that went by much too fast!