Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pickleball at Mulberry and Bunco at Sea Breeze

Donna has been driving up to our "end" of The Villages in the morning, so she and I can play pickleball at Mulberry.  I'm thrilled at this because it means an extra hour of sleep for me.  The more we play there, the more I'm getting to know people and really enjoying playing with them.  I haven't snapped any pictures there yet, but maybe in the next day or two.

After pickleball, we headed out to Bunco yesterday.  We went down to Sea Breeze and it was a very large group.  Donna and I both won drawings and Donna won the lucky combo.  I like the group there.  They are a fun group to play with.

We both grabbed some pictures of Sea Breeze while there.  I love this rec center.  It is one of my favorites by far.
Since I was using the camera on my phone, my pictures are not good at all.  I have to remember to bring my big camera some time.
You can still get the feel of how pretty and relaxing this place is.  I see Donna posted a link to a video where you can take a better look, so I'm going to do the same:   Sea Breeze

After I got back home and we ate dinner, Nathan and I headed back down to the pickleball courts to play with just the two of us.  I really missed Donna and the other ladies there, that's for sure!  We are much kinder and more encouraging to each other than the guys who take the game very seriously.  The weather was perfect while we were there!  It is the nicest the weather has been since we have arrived in The Villages.  We are still loving our time here.  In fact, we are feeling quite torn between traveling next year and coming back to The Villages and staying longer next year.  I guess we'll just have to see which one grabs us the most!  Living the life in beautiful Florida!