Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Princess Has Arrived

Once upon a time Miss Mimi was the princess of our household.  She has moved up to the queen bee position, leaving the princess position open and I'm so glad because that has allowed room for our newest member of the house.  Yes, we have another cat.  A baby kitten to be exact.  And for those counting, this makes cat number four that we've taken into our home since going on the road.  I am really becoming a cat lover from this experience.

This one is hard not to love, or rather she is so easy to love.  I have said, "She is SO CUTE" at least fifty or so times since we adopted her.

So smitten with this precious one, Miss Allana.

 She is a Point Tortie Siamese and has the most beautiful blue eyes.

How cute is the little stripe down her nose?

Off to play with the sweet baby who is sleeping on Nathan's belly right now.

Living the life in Washington!


Vicki said...

Now we can say it in stereo: she is SO CUTE! :)

we lost our young cat a few years ago in a campground in Sioux City and we still miss her so much! Keep her safe!

little castle said...

We lost our Shine at a campground in coyote country (near San Diego), so I'll be trying to keep this one very close. Not that we didn't try with Shine...but we are even more aware of it now. So sorry for your family that you lost yours. =( It's hard.

Becky said...

She's adorable!! I love kitties, but Dan only put up with my cat because we were newlyweds. When he got old, there were no replacements...and yet, he adores ferrets. Go figure! Hope your little princess enjoys her new "little castle"!

melanie said...

Giggle. The cat for whom Madelyn was named looked a lot like that! Precious! :) (And yes, Madelyn just loves knowing that she was named after a cat. hehe)

unschoolermom said...

So precious!