Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Home Away From Home

I have been a lazy blogger again, and I'm not quite sure why beyond we are wrapping up our summer vacation so I'm still feeling lazy and not wanting to do much beyond soak up the beauty here.  Life, of course has other plans sometimes and maybe I needed to be a little extra zen or I'd be stressing out about one aspect of our life.  We had a tire blow out on the way here.  Spent half of our first day here sitting at the tire shop.

Then the pressure gauge showed one of the truck tires was low.  We couldn't reach it, so we stopped at the tire place (again) to ask for help and we discovered that there was a nail in that tire.  So on Friday we spent too much time here:

Ok, so I've been here twice already this week.  No big deal.  Until the next day when we are packed up to leave and we realize one of the new RV tires is bulging.  This after we did all of the preparations to leave, which takes a good few hours.  So it was back to our new home away from home:
It's not too bad for a second home, I guess.  There is free popcorn and coffee and they have magazines.  The kind of magazines I used to read when getting my hair done.  The kind I never buy myself, but if they so happen to be sitting there and there is nothing better to do, I'll read them and laugh at them.

And then, because nothing entertains the boy and I for very long, we started to play with my new camera lens.  While we were discussing the Beatles, as in Austin sharing his disgust at those that think they love the Beatles because they love that song "Hey Jude" (insert eyeroll here), he spotted this sign.  He wanted me to share it so Barb could see, because Barb has true love for the Beatles.  Barb loved the Beatles long before they were trendy due to Rock Band (insert another eyeroll):
It was like karma or something.  Pretty cool logo, isn't it?  And then I snapped this one, because I love these things and we've only seen them here and in Oregon:

Then we admired some of the fall colors:

Austin found some...uh...I don't know what this is.  Gak with sparkles...and froth?
Then I spent lots of time tormenting the boy by snapping pictures while he tried to dodge them.  I guess some things do entertain me for some time:

Living the life in beautiful Washington!


Sallie (FullTime-Life said...

Hey there - glad to see you back in bloggerland and thanks for dropping by ours. Loved the Les Schwab post -- sometimes life on the road IS like that! One lady told me on my blog that I lead a magical life. That's just because I very seldom post stuff like the Les Schawb kind of days. We all have them.

Glad (but not surprised) that you guys are loving Washington

Safe travels!

jaci said...

Just be glad you had no tire troubles on Sunday because les Schwab is closed on Sundays. BTDT.

I love how you describe the experience (I could even smell the rubber and the popcorn. And read the magazines, too) - fits a Les Schwab experience quite well.

The Abbey Road sign is cool (I am not a huge Beatles fan).

And the espresso shop? ho-hum. One on every corner. Oh, that's right. I'm in Oregon! ;)

little castle said...

Oh, we know all about the closing on Sundays with Les Schwab (or Lush Schwab as our GPS calls it, lol).

Yeah, you are spoiled by the espresso shops there too! =)