Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Beach WA to Ocean Shores WA

Today we headed up the coast to Ocean Shores WA. It was a really nice drive and the weather was just gorgeous. This will be the last place that we will be staying right on the coast so we will be trying to soak up every minute we can.

I was recently chatting with my dear friend Marianne about our mutual love for the ocean, or water, and she was sharing with me her aching for the sea now that she lives inland after living near the shore for a good number of years. It was so interesting to me to hear that because I have experienced the same thing. In fact, it was one of the hardest things about our journey to the west. By the time we reached the coast I was really feeling that ache, so I have appreciated all our time here all the more.

I have a special love for Oregon and think I will feel the same way about Washington after spending time here.

Living the life on the shores of Washington!


jaci said...

Have you tried to contact Valerie to see if she can meet up with you? I still think you need to. She is The Coolest CCUer Ever. Over and above Deanna. Although Deanna is on my list of Must Meet...

little castle said...

Well, I've been stalking her graduation posts to wait that all out before asking. We will actually be even closer to her at the next place we go to-but trust me, I will not leave WA without asking if she can meet up. I will resort to begging pathetically in order to meet her. Deanna is on my Must Meet list too!