Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Today is our granddaughter Olivia's birthday. As I shared before, we became grandparents at a time when we were not expecting it, or feeling happy about it. As happens so often in life though, what was a painful thing in some ways was also one of the most joyful things in others. I've enjoyed being a grandmother so much that I joke sometimes I wish I had known it was so great, because I'd have skipped the parenting and went right to the grand-parenting.

Olivia helped us become grandparents. And by helped, I mean that she is so incredible that we could easily fall in love with her, which meant we easily fell in love with being grandparents. I was head over heels after the first ultrasound of her, it took Nathan a bit longer. In time though, Liv had him wrapped around her cute little fingers too.

If I had one word for Liv it would be delightful. I said Gabe was moonbeams; Liv is pure sunshine. Both so beautiful in how they share their light with the world. Liv is a day at the beach, she is cotton candy, she is rainbows, she is the sprinkles on cupcakes, she is art, she is easy hugs and kisses, music you dance to and she is made up of the stuff in life that gives you the kind of smile that makes you look half goofy because you're so struck with love. She tells me story after story, and I love all of them.

Hanging with Liv feels like rolling down a grassy hill until you are dizzy or riding the ferris wheel and seeing things from a whole new angle. She's a hoot and a blast all rolled up in one. She's delicate and stunning in her beauty and bold and a force to be reckoned with in her spirit. I'm in awe of her and dazzled by her.

I can't write about Liv and not mention her laugh. She has the best.laugh.ever! I've thought before that they should record her giggle and put it in the dolls that laugh, because it is that fabulous.

I always have a "great day" when I'm with Liv and she is still helping me to be a grandparent. She's helped me to be a better parent, a better wife and a better friend because she's taught me that people are the big stuff in life and meant to be enjoyed-the rest is just silly details. She's taught me that it's not only ok to stop and have fun in life, it's necessary to do so. She makes me want to be the kind of person she is proud of and to be fine with it when I fall short of that. In other words, she's helped me become more myself simply by being herself.

Happy Birthday, Olivia Grace! You are a joy to know and I love being your Mimi!


Stephanie said...

That was beautiful!

melanie said...

Aw!! happy birthday Olivia!! :)

Carolyn said...

My MIL has a little sign on her wall that I think you'd appreciate: "Grandchildren are the reward for not killing your teenagers." LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liv. I have been waiting all week for this day so I can wish you the Happiest Birthday Ever. Mimi said so many things about you and anyone who knows you would have to say that it is all sooooo true. You are a special gift and there isn't anyone who can make me smile more than you (and Gab) of course. I think about the time you put on the pretty outfits (Cinderella and Tinkerbell I think) and gave us a fashion show in the back yard while Gab ran around and occasionally stipped by to show how he could throw a ball. You looked absolutely beautiful and I am so glad to have you as my great grand daughter and Gab as my great grand son. You are the cake and Gab is the frosting when it comes to Birthdays. I will forever remember your little Dora looking face the first time I saw you. I thought to myself how could this tiny little girl hold so much beauty. You are and will forever be in my heart. May you have the greatest day ever and I hope you have mimi post a birthday picture of you if she gets one so all who love you can see you. Gab, I hope you had a great day on your birtday also. You are truly a gift from God also. Great Grandma Carole loves you both. Happy Birthday. Hugs and Kisses.