Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aric takes up Blogging

How cool.  Aric has decided to start a blog, to keep track of his travels with us.  I think it is so fun to go and read both he and Austin's accounts of our life. 

Here is Aric's blog: On the Road Again


[OUR] beautiful life said...

hello! i found you blog through families on the road. i have been very inspired by your stories and the others on the site!

i was wondering what kind of work you, and others that are traveling full time, do while on the road? i would love to do the same with our family but have no idea what kind of work there is.

hope you are enjoying florida! its lovely right now isn't it? we live in sarasota. happy travels...

little castle said...

Hi Crystal,

So nice to meet you. We do enjoy Florida...although this is the least lovely winter I've experienced here due to the weather. ;p

There are so many different answers to the what do you do for a living husband is a computer geek and that is what funds our travels for now. He owned a business when we first went out on the road. He has since sold that business so we have a little less steady income-a little more time freedom. We had some financial buffer before ever leaving, which has helped.

I peeked at your blog and you look like a lovely family. And your photography is just stunning. Have you considered doing that as your source of income while living on the road?


unschoolermom said...

Will have to add this to my blog list!