Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To Lately

I have a harder time keeping on top of blogging in the winter, and that is mostly because of all the fun people around.  I want to hang out with them instead of coming inside where my computer is.  I love how busy we can stay, even if we don't go anywhere. We've been very spoiled the last two winters, and I hope this continues as long as we travel.

Mostly we've been playing lots and lots of pickleball and working on a new project that I'm excited about.  I'll wait a bit before sharing more on the new thing, but it has taken me hours so far and will probably do the same until we leave Florida.

We are really enjoying Aric being with us.  He is jumping into pickleball fun with both feet much to our delight.  This means we can play the game even if others are not around!  WooHoo!

Here are some of his shots of us playing:
Keeping in mind that in order for this non-morning person to play: I roll out of bed, dress, put in contacts and slap on a hat and go.  Don't tell anyone, but these are my PJ bottoms this day.  I must have gotten lost in the "dress" part of the routine.  Nobody cares, they just care how you play!  Or so I hope!  

I'm not going to point out that although I obviously couldn't mange to dress this morning, I did manage to run with my paddle somewhat in the "ready" position.  Unlike someone else who is all loosey goosey with his paddle.  I also won't point out that even when I'm in ready position, I play a tenth as well as loosey goosey who is obviously poaching my ball due to that reality.  Life just isn't always fair now, is it?
Here is my favorite part of playing pickleball: the sitting down and resting and chatting!  Especially when it is someone as sweet as Margie.  Auburn, do you recognize the dog?
Living the life in warmer Florida!