Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hardee County Animal Rescue

Before we ever visited the TT's here, Barb and Dennis told us we had to visit this place when we did stay for the winter.  Barb described how the boardwalk elevates you so you can see the animals clearly.  I'm so glad she did tell us about it, because we might have missed it otherwise.

I love visiting this very small rescue and I love that we are usually in for a treat with the animals that are here.  I also love that we can get pretty close to some of the animals.
Ok, so that animal doesn't count in an official rescue way, because they are not part of the rescued animals.  They are part of the experience though, because they are everywhere.  There are some animals that I am a bit more fond of here too.
This guy was not very big last year.  If it is the same guy.  He's huge now.
These were not so close, but that's ok...I'd rather not be too close to the green gunk.
This guy was annoyed that I woke him up from his nap.  He was not amused.  I was talking baby talk to him because I thought he was so handsome.  Apparently panthers are not fond of baby talk.  Who knew? I apologized and moved on quickly.  I'm not sure what would posses me to talk baby talk to a wild animal anyways.  Besides, I can relate because this is how I feel each and every morning.
This was my favorite close encounter.   This sweet guy was hanging in his rope hammock and peeked out to see me.  I guess baby talk works on raccoons.  
 Aric asked why someone would rescue raccoons.  Good question.  After seeing this sweet face though, I'd be tempted to.  Well, if I didn't live in an RV with three cats, one dog and two teenage boys I would be tempted to.  Glad I can visit them this way so I don't have to.  Living the life in warmer Florida.