Monday, August 23, 2010

Boy Meets Elk

While doing research for this area, I saw that they had elk here.  We haven't seen elk since we were out west, so I was really excited at the thought of seeing them again.  And we have Elijah with us, so I thought it would be especially cool if he could see them.

We asked at the resort office where the best place was to see them, and then headed out.  We drive to this place and get out and off in the woods we see two huge elk.  And because we are so easy, we were freaking out at how cool it was and stood there for the longest time looking at them from a distance.
I'm not embarrassed in the least that we were so geeky excited over it, because it is cool.  Really, really cool to be this close to elk.  We're asking Elijah what he thinks and making a big deal about it.  He's not real impressed.  Then we realize that he can't see from way down there.  He was a little more excited when I put him on my shoulders.
 Then Ashleigh and I noticed that way on the other end of this place there appeared to be a group of people doing something with a group of animals.  We say that maybe the elk are closer to the fence down there and people are getting to feed them or something.  Because Nathan can be a know it all, he says nah...those are deer.  We squint and look again and say...uh...I don't think those are deer.  If they are, those are some monster deer or something because they are big.  And the guy at the office said we could feed them crackers sometimes and we can't do that from here.  But we might be able to do it from there.  Because I can be pushy, I say...let's go!

So we headed out, with a pit stop at K-Mart for crackers, and went to find the spot where maybe we could feed the elk.
I'm so glad we did because this is what happened there.
In all of about 5 seconds flat Elijah transformed from boy to warrior/man-child/great and mighty hunter.  Or something like that.  I half expected him to start making Tim Allen noises or something.  It was awesome!

Nathan was trying to help him and he did the teen hand wave that means Pfffttt...I got this one.  I am boy, hear me roar!  Were the elk large you might ask?
Yeah, you could say that!  Dude rocks is all I have to say!

More tomorrow because there are more pictures that I want to share and I'm not used to daily blogging now so my hand is tired already.

Living the life in Michigan!


laurie l. goodman said...

so majestic
wonderful images
and precious moments captured here krystal
this adventure you are on is amazing!
thanx for sharing. :)