Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summerfest and The British Invasion

Since the extent of our fun this past few weeks has been along the lines of Trivial Pursuit and the library, we were very excited to visit St. Mary's Summerfest today.  Not only did it get us out of the RV, but we also got to see a Beatles band, The British Invasion.  The Beatles pro of the family said they were "ok".  The rest of us thought they were great.
Speaking of libraries and the Beatles fan in our family, this week when we went to check out our goodies the librarian complimented our choices in movies.  "Thinking movies" is what she called them.  I giggled because they were mostly Beatles movies and due to the Beatles love that Austin has.  When we got home and watched them, I saw she was absolutely right-they were thinking movies.  Once again my kid taught me something about life that I might not have ever known otherwise.

Back to our fun at the Summerfest, it was very crowded there but we still found a table to sit and eat our corndogs and elephant ears at.  I wish I'd have thought to take pictures of the festival, because it was a really nice one.  I love small town fairs and festivals and how the locals all show up to attend them.  It's nice to see that things like this are still loved in our country.  And we always get a great feel for the area while we are sitting there and soaking it all up.  It's one of the reasons we wanted to travel, so it's great when we do get to experience it.

Living the life in Ohio!


laurie l. goodman said...

sounds wonderful krystal!
and i love that your boy is teaching you still, may that never end...